Thursday, November 18, 2010

Space Invaders

Planet earth is being invaded by Aliens. As the last Defender, your job is to stop the invasion. The battle begins in space, then proceeds to the sky, earth forest and finally earth suburban. From the Main menu, select any of the four battles to jump
right into instant action.

Start with the easiest, i.e. Space Battle (Easy), as you gain more skill, choose Sky Battle (Medium), then Earth Battle (Advanced) and finally Earth Suburban Battle (Insane).

To move the ship, put your thumb below the ship and slide it left or right. It will auto-fire. Shooting speed is slowest in Space Battle (Easy) and fastest in Earth Battle (Advanced).


Space Battle (Easy): Shoot 100 Aliens
Sky Battle (Medium): Shoot 500 Aliens
Earth Battle (Adv): Shoot 1000 Aliens

Suburban Battle (Insane): Shoot 2000 Aliens.
PowerShoot pickups available