Monday, August 16, 2010

Breath Pacer

Breathe in to the count of 5 (secs) then breathe out to the count of 5 (secs). Then repeat. Imagine the breath coming into your chest (heart area) as you breathe in and going out from your heart as you exhale. Allow yourself to feel the peace and joy in your heart area. Merge into it. Choose from 3 feedback types - tone, voice or vibration. You can also change the breath
duration from the Menu..

When you breathe in, your heart rate increases and conversely, when you breathe out your heart rate decreases. This synchronization between breathing and heart rate variation is called Heart Coherence - an optimum healthy state. However, under stress, your breathing and heart rate becomes un-synchronized and Heart Coherence is lost. Research shows that to achieve Heart Coherence, you should practice rhythmic and regular breathing. Also, ideal for reducing high blood pressure