Monday, August 16, 2010

Pendulum Oracle

Use your android phone as a virtual pendulum to tap into your subconcious to get answers. Hold the phone horizontally with both hands.. Make sure your hands are free to move the phone. Do not rest your hands or elbows on a table:

Once the pendulum is swinging up and down, close your eyes (optional) and ask a question to which the answer is 'YES',
e.g. Am I human? Note the direction of the swing of the pendulum, is it circular, or, up-and-down. If the motion is
circular, then circular motion means 'YES'and up-and-down motion means 'NO'. Next, ask the question to which you do not
know the answer, e.g. Will it rain tomorrow? Then, note the motion, if it is circular, then it is 'YES', if it is up-and-down, it is
'NO'. Note that you will need to repeat this process of calibration for every session (just like the real pendulum). That
is because, 'YES' and 'NO' can change from session-to-session. Today, circular motion may be 'YES' for
you, then tomorrow, 'YES' could be up-and-down. On the Menu, you can set Gross (less sensitive to your hands), or,
Normal (the default, highly sensitve)


When you ask a question, your subconscious mind (which knows the answers) will reply by moving the pendulum through your hands.In fact, you are asking yourself the questions, the pendulum is merely the medium which brings the
answers out from within the core of your being.